Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Traveling in Circles:

I've studied buddhism for many, many years. Perhaps someday I will write about how my first sips of this lovely way of living was spoon fed to me but today I want to talk about circles.

Please forgive my paraphrasing of this buddhist concept. I remember distinctly the day I read it while on the el in a book that was given to me (sadly the name of the book escapes me) it changed my life and that very day, I left to book on the train.

The story goes that our souls travel in circles until we reach enlightenment. Anybody who was significant to you in a past life will also be important to you in this life and you will always meet them again in all of our future lives. No relationship is a mistake, not even the person you brush on the street. (The Universe doesn't make mistakes.) These people may not always show up in the same incarnations (mother, sister, lover, friend, child) but they will ALWAYS be there. We need these people to keep working out our karmic bullshit with each other. It is also exactly why some people just immediately touch us, hit us right at our soul. Why those people feel like they are instantly on the inside.

It's because we've been traveling a long way together.

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